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Private Lessons

If you learn better one-on-one, or want to reach your dance goals faster,

Invest in yourself!

Get individual time with one of RILD professional instructors.

In booking your private lesson you'll receive:

 A specialized plan just for you to reach your personal 

dance goals.

• Focus on a specific topics such as:

Partnerwork, Footwork/Shines,

Technique, Body Movement, Musicality, Styling, Stage Presence, etc. 

• Get individualized feedback & corrections for personal improvement.

• Receive guidance from both the leader & follower perspective.

• No partner is necessary.

You can dance with the instructor as

your partner!

1 Private

 $100 for one person

 $150 for a couple

 $50 per each additional person

* Each private lesson will be 60 minutes long 

* Packages of 2 privates or more are available upon request

* $25 non-refundable booking fee is required per reserved class 

* All privates need to be paid in full by the day of your first lesson



All private lessons are available in person or virtually.
For more information and booking inquiries please contact us below

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