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Tuesday nights 7pm-8:30pm 

DDP is an ongoing program not for Performance purposes but for self development. 
In the Dance Development Program (DDP) we will be working on technique, styling, connection, movement & more...

Training will be in both partner work and footwork through learning dance combo/sequences as a dance development tool. 

Being part of our DDP program you'll be part of a team, a diverse community of dancers and a positive environment for self-development through dance. 

Anyone on the DDP will be able to audition to the Performance Training Team and will enjoy a discount on all RILD dance programs. 

Dance Development Program:

Performance Training Team:

Tuesday nights 7pm-9:30pm 

We will be focused on dance development (via DDP) plus learning a Choreography to be performed in local events around New England.
Anyone from the Performance Training Team (PTT) will be able to audition to RILD-Synergy when we hold auditions in the future based on availability and necessity. 

RILD Synergy:

Tuesday & Thursdays 7pm-9:30pm

The professional performance team. At the moment there are only 3 spots available for understudy (training only)
Anyone auditioning for RILD Synergy (if accepted) needs to be able to commit to 2 practices a week.

Commitment requirements note:
There is no limitation regarding being on other teams outside of RILD 
However, being part of PTT and or RILD-Synergy you'll have to prioritize RILD Performances in case of a conflicting performance schedule with other teams. 

Monthly dues are $125
Work-study opportunities available for a discounted fee (spots are limited)

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